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Foolproof video calling for Memory Care & everywhere

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Holiday Special

$299 ($500 value)

Family Hotline service for 2 years

FREE Tablet + FREE Tablet Stand + FREE Premium Power Cord

Our Mission

Our mission is to end senior loneliness through meaningful family connection

Older Adults who are lonely suffer more

Loneliness kills

As lethal as smoking 15 cigarettes a day

Ongoing "digital lockdown"

Complexity locks out 85% of seniors from standard apps like FaceTime, ZOOM, etc.

100% of older adults can use Family Hotline


To an older adult, Family Hotline isn't just another app, it's a gift of

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Independence to stay in touch with loved ones

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Feeling connected, remembered, & loved


Living happier, healthier, & longer

How does it work?


A single subscription for ALL access

A single subscription for the Hub App, and as many family members as you want for FREE

LuAnn, UT

"My mom loves Family Hotline! I live close to her, but it's challenging to integrate her into everyday life as much as she would like. She always wants to hang out with me in whatever activity I'm doing, and Family Hotline lets us do that more conveniently. We can hang out "together" while I make dinner, and with her memory issues it even gives us something to talk about."

Bring Your Own Tablet!

While family members simply download our free mobile app for iPhones and Android phones, seniors need an Android tablet.


Already have an Android tablet? Great! We won't make you buy anything special, BUT we do have some recommendations so that your senior gets the best performance out of Family Hotline


The Hotline Team

Our co-founders designed Family Hotline for their mother and grandmother Donna, while she lived in a Senior Care Facility. After her husband passed and as her Alzheimer's became worse, she became less able to connect with her family members. John's concept for Family Hotline became a reality when he teamed up with Preston, and the first real-world test of a Family Hotline video call took place with Donna the day before she passed.

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John Purnell

Founder & CEO

Former QuickMAR CRO, from early startup to acquisition. John has a deep knowledge of the Senior Care industry and is a passionate advocate for seniors.

Preston Purnell headshot 2022.png

Preston Purnell

Co-founder & Product Owner

A background in managing software products from design to development, and former QuickMAR sales representative. 


Get in Touch

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We'll get back to you right away.

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Help Support the Cause

Help us end older adult loneliness by making our product available to more families

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