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Choosing a Tablet for Seniors

Family members simply use the free app on their iPhone or Android phone. Seniors can use the Family Hotline Hub app on any Android tablet, but there are some special considerations for Senior users 75 years old and above:

~40% have impaired vision

~70% have impaired hearing

~68% of Assisted Living Residents have some form of dementia

Family Hotline is designed to address all of these factors, but hardware plays a major role. Performance will vary depending on the quality, configuration, and features of the device. Let's go over some recommendations:

Hub App Tablet.png
hearing impaired.png
vision impaired.png


Quite simply: the bigger the better! Text throughout our app is already large and accessible, but the larger the screen the better they'll be able to read it. Large displays also help those with hearing impairments to be able to read lips during video calls.



Most tablets have two tiny speakers embedded in the outside frame of the tablet, producing an extremely limited volume range, and becoming shrill when turned all the way up. Finding a tablet with good speakers will be key.

TIP: your mobile app allows you to adjust your senior's call volume while on a call with them

Where hearing is not a concern, Family Hotline can be used on any conventional Android Tablet.

Our top picks for Seniors

yoga tab 11.png

Lenovo Yoga Tab 11


11" screen



Premium Audio: 4 Front JBL Speakers


For hearing needs beyond these solutions, please contact us for information about a custom Android device available only through Family Hotline, featuring a 9" screen, and offering the highest volume onboard audio in this class of device - full, robust sound.

Other hardware picks

Usability for seniors is enhanced by implementing the tablet as a freestanding stationary device that is always plugged in. We recommend a stable stand to be placed on a table, desk, or nightstand.

This type of stand allows Family Hotline to be always on and always available, so the senior can simply place calls with a single touch of the screen. This also helps prevent drainage of the battery, loss of the device, and unintentional calls.

tablet stand.jpg

B-Land Adjustable Tablet Stand

Turns any tablet into a freestanding device

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